Diesel Performance Canada: If there is a method to create your street legal diesel particulate filter (DPF) equipped diesel vehicle conduct in the same level as an off-road racing DPF-removed platform, can you need to know how?

DPF Removal is excellent for the off-road race, but think about the people who just need to be enhanced towing greater fuel economy and diesel performance? Many late-model diesel vehicles are acquainted with the word DPF. And the way concerning the first-time you towed vast stock up an extended quality your pace dropped to the stage to be slow as well as whenever your diesel instantly went into DPF regeneration?

Now is a brand new alternative that'll provide you with precisely what you would like! Most of the major producers of diesel performance replacement items have attempted to determine an ideal way to change the efficiency and fuel economy effects the emissions control DPF system. The diesel performance geniuses at Snow Efficiency and Matt Snow have discovered an easy yet brilliant solution. Adding among their Diesel Phase 3 MPG-Max Boost Cooler water-methanol injection packages on the DPF-equipped with many diesel owners recovering from 2 MPG vehicle provides an increase in fuel economy of 1-3 MPG.

And here is the top part - the more regularly your vehicle went into DPF regeneration before adding the Increase Cooler system, the larger your fuel economy benefits will be. Let us consider the reasons why.

There is a diesel particulate filter designed to eliminate other along with smoke particles in the exhaust gas flow. Particulate matter and the blocked smoke develop before filter must be washed, a procedure call "regeneration".

Within the Dodge, GM diesel that are so frequent in The United States today, filter regeneration, or cleanup, and Ford, is accomplished by utilizing a gas burner that particles and cooks the particulate filter towards the combustion stage of the smoke.

The item development team at Snow Effectiveness previously realized that pre-DPF diesel employing their Increase Cooler packages experienced reduced emissions of NOx and particulate matter because of improved combustion efficiency. Shot methanol acts as a combustion catalyst, indicating your diesel fuel gets burned much more thoroughly and better.

Than delivering particles and unburned gas out the tailpipe as pollution and smoking, utilizing the Ideal Efficiency water-methanol injection packages on pre-DPF diesel caused their wastes to drop. The things they did not know without a doubt, but alleged to be that their packages might have a much more beneficial impact on the brand new diesel vehicles developing DPF  is installed.

The Snow Performance team was right. Operating among their Increase Cooler packages on the DPF-equipped diesel truck still resulted in reducing exhaust increased power and gas conditions.

Most of all, the water-methanol injection products enhanced combustion performance thus drastically the particulate filters on the examination vehicles simply never got dirty to have to be cleaned. The exhaust flow was "scrubbed" thus efficiently from the water-methanol treatment the filters did not have to get into the regeneration method. This results in steady and sustained increases in fuel economy.

For diesel performance enthusiasts, mixing a Phase 3 MPG-Max Boost Cooler water-methanol injection system using the diesel performance processor, developer, or receiver enables you to use modern common digital energy-adders with no fear of blocking and destroying your expensive particulate filter. Now you eat it and can have your diesel performance dessert!

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